Our Bold Goal Strategies

After announcing our Bold Goals for 2025 in April of 2017, we got to work pinpointing the best strategies to take on Greater Akron’s most pressing challenges. The result? An integrated strategic approach that is evidence based, scalable and supported by key leaders in our community. United Way will pursue:
Community engagement – centered on developing key partnerships across multiple sectors of Greater Akron to take a hands-on approach to key issues.
Wrap-around services – designed to provide multiple services to entire families at easily accessible locations.
Policy and advocacy – to address systemic, root causes of local issues that affect community conditions.
Basic needs support – to ensure families and individuals have the basic necessities for a healthy, stable and successful life.
By pairing these with Bold Goal-specific strategies outlined above – from programs to increase kindergarten readiness to funding overdose prevention – we will transform the future of Summit County. It won’t be easy –our goals are bold, after all – but we know our community has what it takes to make it happen.