About Bridges

Our Mission

Bridges Summit County is committed to breaking the cycle of generational poverty through the collective work of individual, institutional and community partners.

What Is Bridges Summit County?

Like its name implies, Bridges Summit County builds bridges for people to move from poverty to self-sufficiency. We put power and knowledge in the hands of people, and count on them to be problem solvers and create their own success stories. It’s a team effort, yes. But it is individuals who do the work and takes responsibility for success.

Poverty is like being under water and not knowing how to swim to the top. But with good tools, understanding, access and guidance, people can better understand generational poverty—the first step to eliminating it in our community.

Bridges Summit County is not a program, but a collaborative initiative that provides a framework to help employers, community organizations, social service agencies and individuals learn how to effectively reach and support adults and families who are striving to go from financial dependence to independence.

Our Goal

Our goal is for Summit County to become a place where all sectors come together to stabilize our community. This requires individuals, businesses, courts, social service agencies, faith-based, educational, and health care organizations to implement Bridges Summit County in their own settings. This work is already taking shape across our community.

For more information contact Andre Campbell at 330.643.5536 or by email.