Campaign Supplies, Materials & Resources

Here’s how you can generate awareness of United Way’s work and educate your fellow employees:

If your company is running a campaign for the first time, please contact Lindsey Myers at 330.643.5532 or by email for help in getting started.  For general assistance please contact Hana Lowe  at 330.643.5540 or by email.

Pledge Form (pdf) Use this file to print and fill in by hand.

Campaign Supplies

Engagement Supplies


Jeans Day Supplies



Click on the logo below for a large jpg file. When image appears, right click on it. Choose “Save picture as” and save the logo to your files.

New Hire Packets

In today's fast changing job market employees are moving from job to job or retiring at a faster than ever rate. This results in a 6% to 7% loss of pledges through payroll deduction for United Way annually. One way to offset these losses is to ask employees to give as they begin their new job and to ask retirees not to forget United Way as they begin their new path.  

Retiree Packets

A retiree program offers the opportunity to continue financial support and acquire an outlet for opportunities to volunteer in the community. 
For New Hire, Retiree Packets or large printed quantities of the above supplies, please contact your campaign manager.