Whether or not our neighbors can support themselves and their families matters – to all of us.

Because financially stable people are more likely to live healthy lives, provide a good education for their children and contribute to our local economy. United Way addresses the obstacles that prevent individuals and families from getting ahead financially.

our goal

Move 5,000 Summit County residents from financial dependence to independence


To improve Income in Summit County, United Way focuses on:

  • Building up Individuals
    United Way empowers people to get on stable financial ground with proven methods like job training, financial management education, asset-building services and more.

  • Building up Families 
    United Way helps Summit County families turn their financial tightrope into a solid financial pathway by increasing access to opportunities and parental involvement.

  • Building up Community
    United Way works to increase social and financial community capital through by supporting economic and community development, transportation, grassroots leadership and entrepreneurship. 

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Bridges Summit County

United Way's Bridges Summit County builds bridges for people to move from financial dependence to independence.

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