Financial Empowerment Centers

United Way’s forthcoming financial empowerment centers in partnership with the City of Akron will provide financial coaching to individuals, helping them to acquire the skills to budget and save, develop healthy banking relationships and raise their credit scores.

Thousands of Akron households struggle with large amounts of debt and lack of information and resources to help them better their financial prospects. By delivering one-on-one financial counseling, the Financial Empowerment Center model offers a variety of effective strategies to help those most in need of critical financial planning.

Financial empowerment strategies span four key disciplines:

Asset Building - Weathering financial shocks and setbacks while saving for the future is a critical step toward financial security.

Banking Access - Accessing a safe, affordable account is key to joining the financial mainstream and keeping earnings secure by saving.

Consumer Protection - Protecting assets from predatory practices.

Financial Education And Counseling - Professional financial counseling can tangibly improve household financial stability, especially when integrated into social services.

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