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A gift of $260 (just $5 per week) provides:

  • A return of $25,000 to the budgets of low-income households that were assisted with civil court proceedings by free legal aid.

A gift of $156 (just $3 per week) provides:

  • Six nights of shelter or food for a family basic life needs to keep the
    family together and prevent homelessness and hunger.

  • Nine hours of housework and personal care services for older adults and people with disabilities, enabling them to stay in their homes.

A gift of $104 (just $2 per week) provides:

  • Twenty-six hours of secure, safe, educational childcare, allowing a parent the opportunity to seek or maintain employment to support the family.

  • Twelve individuals touched by cancer with individual counseling sessions to address issues relating to their cancer journey.

A gift of $52 (just $1 per week) provides:

  • Five hours of tutoring to teach adults to read.

  • One day of shelter and support services for a homeless woman dealing with alcoholism and drug addiction.

A gift of $26 (just 50 per week) provides:

  • Four hours of job training for visually impaired persons to prepare them for a job in our community.

  • A homeless child with much-needed healthcare.

For a gift of $1,000 (just $19.24 per week) United Way-funded programs can provide:

  • Two school-age children with an educationally supportive after-school environment for a full school year, with homework assistance, tutoring, math & reading practice, cultural diversity lessons, physical fitness activities, field trips, guest presenters, and a nutritious snack.

  • 1,000 meals for hungry women and children at a community shelter.

  • Three pregnant and/or parenting adolescents and their families with case management, support and parent education to keep them from dropping out of school and reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect.

  • Ten people with free home insulation including sidewalls and attic, furnace repair, carbon-monoxide detectors and possible furnace replacement.
    100 hours of classtime for GED (General Educational Development)

  • Ninety days in a business education and computer training class to help six people become more employable.

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