Mentoring Program Inspires and Cultivates Young Women

When Kristen moved recently to Summit County, she was looking for ways to connect with her new community. Through United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council Mentoring Program she found that connection. This volunteer-based program works to inspire and cultivate young women.
Kristen was paired with a senior professional woman to be her mentor for a year – but was also given something she never would have thought to ask for: 12 peers-as-mentors. By attending monthly workshops with smart, ambitious mentors and mentees from various companies and organizations, Kristen discovered new pathways to reach her full potential.
In the early group meetings mentees outlined their career and personal goals. Speakers were found to address topics in which the mentees expressed interest. The group also organized sessions on basic skills, such as budgeting and conflict management.
“I had a wonderful experience,” said Kristen. “The one-on one-meetings were highly valuable to me because the mentor I was paired with truly took an interest in me. The group meetings were great as well. The mentors were happy to share both their professional and personal experiences around work life balance, professional fulfillment and especially community service and philanthropy.”
Kristen is an engineering associate with The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. As she reflected on her experience as a mentee, she emphasized that she knows achieving success throughout life can depend on choices made in early adulthood. Said Kristen, “The Women’s Leadership Council Mentoring Program was a great choice for me.”