Summit County Reentry Network

An estimated 2,500 citizens return to Summit County each year from prisons.

Most arrive with no job, little money, and wanting to become productive members of the community. United Way and Oriana House Inc. together providing backbone support, and more than 70 other partners work collectively to provide counseling, housing assistance and employment services for felony ex-offenders.

The Result

  • Increased public safety
  • Fewer returns to prison
  • Families reuniting
  • Positive impact for our local economy

For more information about the Summit County Reentry Network contact Devoe Johnson at 330.643.5511 or by email.

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Reentry Network Offers Hope for the Future

Judy is one busy lady. Her days are filled with job interviews, volunteering and applications to colleges to complete her degree in criminal justice. Her ultimate goal is to attend law school and...