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25 percent of Summit County residents are unbanked or underbanked, relying on costly alternative financial services—like check cashers, payday lenders and pawn shops—for routine financial transactions.

Bank On Rubber City, a coalition led by United Way of Summit & Medina and the City of Akron, is committed to helping residents of Summit County access safe and affordable banking products and services.

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Why is Banking Important?

Banking access starts with a basic transaction account, which is the first rung of a financial capability ladder that builds over time to include savings, secured credit and unsecured loans.

People with mainstream bank accounts:

  • Keep more of their earnings
  • Are better protected against financial shocks
  • Save more

Average annual cost of NOT having a bank account:

  • $196.50 to use a prepaid debit card with direct deposit
  • $198.83 for check cashing and money order services (no prepaid card)
  • $497.33 to use a prepaid card without direct deposit
  • Payday loans: median amount = $350, median interest rate = 300 percent

Being unbanked can cost an individual $40,000 in fees over a lifetime.

Bank On Rubber City helps individuals identify safe and affordable checking account options that meet the Bank On National Standards.

Features of a Bank On Certified Account:

  • Second chance checking
  • No inactivity fee
  • Opening deposit of $25 or less
  • Low to zero monthly maintenance fees
  • No overdraft or other hidden fees
  • Free debit card

Find a Bank On Certified Account Near You

Want more information about Bank On Rubber City or Bank On certified accounts? Contact Nicole Chavers at [email protected] or call the Financial Empowerment Center at 330.685.9430. The Financial Empowerment Center also offers free one-on-one financial coaching that can help you with banking or other financial questions.