Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs

Throughout the year, we host an array of programs and events. We invite donors, corporations, nonprofits, and community leaders to network, advocate, and raise awareness and support for our work. For more events, visit our Events page.

Bridges Summit County

Bridges Workshops Now Available!

In order to positively impact the lives of people in poverty, we must explore the way we think and behave. In a Bridges Workshop, you will learn how the economic realities of poverty, class and wealth impact individuals and communities. Learn how you can help promote economic opportunity and economic mobility.

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Poverty Simulation

Should I pay for my child’s medicine, or put gas in my car so I can get to work?

Every day, thousands of people across our community face heartbreaking questions like this one. United Way’s Poverty Simulation invites you to live a simulated day in the life of a family in poverty. Ideal for educators, healthcare providers, businesses, social service agencies and anyone looking to expand their understanding of poverty, this interactive experience asks participants to face a difficult question of their own:

What can WE do to support those struggling for financial survival?

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Implicit Bias Awareness Workshop

Have you ever made a comment, action, or decision that caused offense to someone and never realized until it was brought to your attention? There are social and scientific reasons behind those instances. In our Implicit Bias workshops, we explore how the functions of our unconscious brain impacts our activities, interactions, and behaviors which then could consequently shape our individual and systemic processes.

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Intercultural Development Inventory

Are you beginning your diversity and inclusion journey, or in need of interventions? Our environmental culture and worldviews greatly affect the ways we get along with other individuals, cooperate as teams, and work through cultural differences. Our sensitivities to those differences make the difference in how we may succeed in those situations. The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is an assessment resource that assists in identifying and improving our intercultural awareness and development to bridge cultural differences and interpersonal relationships.

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