Diversity on Board

Minority representation on Akron-area nonprofit boards is lacking, according to a study released in 2015 by the GAR and Knight foundations. “Diversity on Board” is a program to recruit and train minority leaders to serve on nonprofit boards in Summit County.

Formerly known as “Project Blueprint,” a program run from 2002 through 2013 by the United Way of Summit County, the program was retooled in 2015 and is now a joint effort between United Way and Leadership Akron. The goal of Diversity on Board remains the same: develop more diverse talent for service on nonprofit boards of directors through a program of leadership development, education and service.

The Diversity on Board pilot class of about 20 people will start in March 2016 and continue for a year. 

Long-Term Goal: Create a critical mass of high-caliber minority leaders that are prepared, motivated, and connected to serve on nonprofit boards.

Short-Term Goal: Within one year, graduates will be serving as a committee or board member of at least one Summit County nonprofit organization.

How the program will work: The class will be divided into five teams for monthly coaching conversations that take place between workshops. Each team is paired with two community leaders who provide opportunities to download perspective from their exemplary experience on nonprofit boards. The teams will share experiences, and crystallize the learning that took place in each of the workshop sessions.

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