Financial Empowerment Center


United Way of Summit County’s highest priority is the health and safety of our community. To protect the well being of our volunteers, our staff and the public, there will be no face-to-face appointments at our main or satellite locations until further notice. All appointments will be by phone. 




The Akron Financial Empowerment Center

The Akron Financial Empowerment Center is a program of the City of Akron in partnership with United Way. The Akron Financial Empowerment Center provides financial coaching to individuals, helping them to acquire the skills to budget and save, develop healthy banking relationships and raise their credit scores.

Financial Coaching

Thousands of Akron households struggle with large amounts of debt and lack of information and resources to help them better their financial prospects. By offering free, one-on-one financial counseling delivered by professionally trained coaches, the Financial Empowerment Center supports individuals and families in achieving their financial and personal goals. 

Financial coaching focuses on these areas: 

Credit Score Improvement: Your credit score can impact your ability to borrow money, obtain certain types of employment or secure affordable housing. Financial coaches will pull your credit report, explain your score and help you develop a plan for improvement. 

Debt Reduction: Reducing debt can give you the ability to save more money, alleviate financial stress and achieve your financial goals. Financial coaches will work with you to create a budget and develop strategies for repaying debt and dealing with debt collectors. 

Increased Saving and Asset Building - Weathering financial shocks and setbacks while saving for the future is a critical step toward financial security. Financial coaches can help you develop a plan to reach your saving goals. 

Banking Access - Accessing a safe, affordable account is key to joining the financial mainstream and keeping earnings secure by saving. Bank On Rubber City, housed in the Financial Empowerment Center, works to expand local access to safe, low- or no-fee banking services. Financial coaches will work with you to identify a bank or credit union that meets your needs. 

All financial coaching services, including credit report analysis, are provided free of charge to any adult living in Summit County regardless of income level.

Locations and Appointments 

Financial coaching is available at a variety of locations throughout Summit County. Call 2-1-1 to schedule your free financial coaching appointment, or use the links below to schedule your appointment online. Walk-ins are not accepted. 


Akron Financial Empowerment Center in Kenmore

1060 Kenmore Blvd, Akron, OH 44314
Appointments available Mondays and Fridays from 9am-3pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays until 7pm

Satellite Locations:

Barberton Salvation Army

560 W Wooster Rd, Barberton, OH 44203
Appointments available Mondays from 9am-3pm


500 W Hopocan Avenue, Barberton, OH 44203
Appointments available Mondays from 9am-3pm

Urban Vision

749 Blaine Ave, Akron, OH 44310
Appointments available Tuesdays from 12pm-6pm

Family Resource Center at Robinson CLC

1156 4th Avenue, Akron, OH 44306
Appointments available Mondays from 8:30am-3:30pm

Family Resource Center at Helen Arnold CLC

450 Vernon Odom Blvd, Akron, OH 44307
Appointments available Thursdays from 8:30am-3:30pm

University of Akron*

ZipAssist Office, Simmons Hall
*Appointments for students, staff or faculty available on Wednesdays from 9am-3pm