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Reentry Network Offers Hope for the Future

Jun 01, 2015
Judy is one busy lady. Her days are filled with job interviews, volunteering and applications to colleges to complete her degree in criminal justice. Her ultimate goal is to attend law school and...

Paul Hardy: Dorothy O. Jackson Society

Jun 01, 2015
It didn’t take long for Paul Hardy to realize how important United Way is to The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. In fact, that happened shortly after he arrived as an engineer 37 years ago. In...

United Way announces investments to support healthy living in Summit County

May 29, 2015
United Way of Summit County announced today investments in 2015-2016 of more than $1 million in programs and initiatives that will enable more people in Summit County live healthier lives. United Way...

Summit County Fatherhood Initiative Creates Stronger Families

May 27, 2015
Troy is committed to helping his 11-year old son Xavier with his homework. And, even though he works a full-time job now, Troy attends nearly all of Xavier’s football practices and games. He is proud...

Michele Cerminaro: Women’s Leadership Council

May 07, 2015
As a member of United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council (WLC), Michele Cerminaro is able to exercise her commitment to something she’s long enjoyed: mentoring young professional women. Through the WLC...

United Way reports record-breaking campaign for 2014

Apr 27, 2015
United Way of Summit County announced today that the 2014 United Way fundraising campaignraised $12.75 million – the largest amount in the organization's 96-year history. This total raised by the...