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Bill Lowery: Young Leaders Society

Jun 09, 2015
If you were foolish enough, it would be easy to miscast Bill Lowery, a well-dressed, fresh-faced Realtor whose office is tucked away in Fairlawn between West Market and Sand Run. It would be easy to...

Books of Their Own Spark a Love for Learning

Jun 09, 2015
Each day, Nevan and his sister Bekah run to the window when they hear the mail truck and then to the mailbox to see if they have received a new book.   “They absolutely love reading and when we get...

Student One Step Closer to Goal of Becoming a Lawyer

Jun 08, 2015
Kerry has yet to graduate from high school, but he’s already completed an internship in a law office, which puts him one step closer to his goal of becoming a lawyer. The Firestone High School senior...

Bridges Summit County Helps Hardworking Mom Get on the Road to Financial Stability

Jun 08, 2015
Rebecca is pleased to be considered a role model and advocate for people living in poverty. As an Americorps VISTA working in support of Bridges Summit County, Rebecca connects residents of public...

Mark Krohn: Advocate for the Common Good

Jun 08, 2015
Mark Krohn has for many years felt committed to ending poverty and resolving issues around education and health. Having battled systemic poverty through the charter school company he ran, Mark...

Mentoring Program Inspires and Cultivates Young Women

Jun 06, 2015
When Kristen moved recently to Summit County, she was looking for ways to connect with her new community. Through United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council Mentoring Program she found that connection....