Volunteer Profile: Vishal Bhatt

For Vishal Bhatt, the key reason he continues to be involved in United Way – both as a board member and a volunteer at United Way events – is that he believes in its mission as embodied by its Bold Goals by 2025. “The Bold Goals really lay everything out,” says Vishal. “They tell the community that these are the problems we’re trying to fix, and this is when we are going to fix it by.”

Last year, United Way debuted its Bold Goals by 2025. Centered on improving key community statistics like third-grade reading levels and drug overdose rates, the Bold Goals represent an ambitious vision for the future of Greater Akron – one that is based on measurable quantities. “It’s a commitment that’s backed by data,” says Vishal, who works for Akron Children’s Hospital. “And that’s important to me – to see that level of detail and engagement in the community.”

But beyond his appreciation for the Bold Goals, Vishal enjoys simply giving back to his community as volunteer. During a recent United Way event, he spent a morning helping to build a community gathering space in the Akron neighborhood of Middlebury. “That was cool because I was using a saw,” he says. “It meant getting my hands dirty and working side-by-side with others to make the neighborhood a more inviting place.”

“That’s easy to get behind,” he says.