Bold Goals Strategies

In August, 2017, we unveiled United Way of Summit & Medina's comprehensive strategy map, aimed at successfully achieving our Bold Goals by 2028.

four integrated strategic approaches

  • Community engagement – centered on developing key partnerships across multiple sectors of our community to take a hands-on approach to key issues.
  • Wrap-around services – designed to provide multiple services to entire families at easily accessible locations.
  • Policy and advocacy – to address systemic, root causes of local issues that affect community conditions.
  • Basic needs support – to ensure families and individuals have the basic necessities for a healthy, stable and successful life.

Bold Goal-specific strategies 

  • To achieve Bold Goal 1’s increase in third-grade reading scores, United Way will develop and support programs to increase kindergarten readiness, family engagement and K-3 attendance and programs that mitigate summer learning loss among students.
  • To achieve Bold Goal  2’s increase in four-year graduation rates and college/career readiness, United Way will develop and support programs to increase family engagement and improve job readiness and middle-grades math skills.
  • To achieve Bold Goal 3’s financial empowerment target, United Way will develop Financial Empowerment Centers in conjunction with the City of Akron (slated to open in 2018), which will provide integrated services in areas of high need to help families and individuals build assets, reduce debt, raise credit scores, budget for the future and access safe and affordable banking services.
  • To achieve Bold Goal 4’s reduction in emergency room visits due to drug overdose, United Way will support programs to promote drug abuse awareness, prevention focused around harm reduction for active users, treatment and increased family and peer engagement for those impacted by the opioid crisis.

These strategies represent the first phase of a multi-year project by United Way to develop new programs and drive community investment to achieve its Bold Goals by 2028.