Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

Our volunteer tax preparers will prepare your federal and state tax returns at no cost. The Financial Empowerment Center also offers other services that can help you reach your financial goals including one-on-one financial coaching. Learn more about the Financial Empowerment Center >

United Way of Summit & Medina is now offering back tax and amended return preparation. We are able to complete returns from 2017-2020. To schedule an appointment, call 2-1-1 or use the links below.



In Person VITA you to bring your tax documents to the Financial Empowerment Center and sit with a tax preparer. The process will take approximately 60-90 minutes depending on the complexity of your return. The process is described below:

  1. Arrive at the Financial Empowerment Center at your appointment time. We cannot accommodate walk-ins.
  2. Upon your arrival, ring the doorbell to gain access to the building. You will be asked to complete some intake paperwork.
  3. Once the intake paperwork is complete you will be assigned to a tax preparer. If you are filing a joint return, your spouse must also sign off on the return. Upon your approval, we will e-file your federal and state returns and give you a copy to take home.




If your household makes less than $60,000 and you would like to self-file your tax return, we can provide you with free access to TaxSlayer, an online tax software, to file your federal and state returns yourself at no cost. Due to IRS restrictions, we cannot post this link publicly, but if you email us at [email protected],  we will send you the access information.

Additionally, if you have tax law questions as you are completing your tax return, you can email [email protected].



Virtual VITA is a 100% remote option for tax preparation. The process is described below: 

  1. Complete this brief online Intake Form and upload pictures of your photo ID, social security cards, and tax documents through the secure portal provided in the form.
  2. Once you submit the form, you will be asked to schedule a 15-minute intake phone call with a certified tax preparer who will ensure we have all the information necessary to complete your federal and state returns.
  3. Approximately 1 week after your intake, you will participate in a 15-minute phone call to review your completed tax returns. We won’t e-file your returns until we have your authorization. If you are filing a joint return, you and your spouse must sign off electronically on the return. Once e-filed, you will receive an electronic copy of your federal and state return.

To request a virtual appointment please email [email protected]. These will only be available on an as needed basis.



  • Social Security card for you, your spouse and any dependents
  • Photo ID for yourself and your spouse, if filing jointly
  • Income and expense documentation (W-2, 1099, Social Security Benefit Statement, etc) for the previous year
  • Copies of the previous year’s federal and state tax returns, if available
  • Bank routing and account numbers for direct deposit (a voided check is acceptable)
  • If you are amending a return, we need the original return you submitted to complete the process.

Your spouse must be available to sign off on required forms if filing jointly.


Our tax preparers are certified to prepare a variety of tax returns, including Schedule Cs, itemized returns, and Schedule Ds. However, due to IRS regulations for VITA sites, we are unable to prepare tax returns with the following characteristics. For additional information, contact the Financial Empowerment Center at 330.685.9430.

  • Rental property income or expenses
  • Minister tax returns with parsonage/housing allowance
  • Taxpayers with dual citizenship
  • Schedule C with:
    • Business use of home
    • Net losses
    • Expenses for employees or contract labor
    • Cost of goods sold (inventory)